Sunday, May 2, 2010

Hoarding and Mini Storage Trends

While I was watching Law and Order on a U.S. station the other night, an advertisement came on for mini storage units to alleviate consumer citizens from their overcrowded drawers, closets and garages.  This confirmed the recent news that there is a trend in American citizens who rent these units to pack away their excess "stuff".  I am assUmIng the same applies to Canadians as well.

I can understand the need for short-term storage when you move to a smaller house or apartment -  or plan to travel for an extended period of time (you lucky buggers).   Another need would be to keep extra furniture and appliances that your offspring may need - once they move out on their own ;-^  Once they move out on their own...

With the exception of heirlooms and archives, I do not wish to get to the point of having to store "stuff" that neither my family nor I will need in the near future.  Thankfully, I didn't buy into the Beanie Baby craze or other collectibles such as "commemorative plates" or "ethnic dolls".  If anyone has actually benefited financially from these, I'd really like to hear about it! 

So, I continue my de-cluttering project by focussing on the bathroom cupboards and counters.

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"One person’s trash is another person’s treasure. "  If you're nosy enough, it will be interesting to see what the neighbours are clearing out :-)

Go peacefully - and on a clear path :-)

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  1. I take it as a sign of a civilization in its last days when "storage" is a major growth industry!