Saturday, September 11, 2010

One less chair

Well, we will have one less chair to move with us next summer. 

Youngest sprout applied too much force to the swivel office / computer chair's five feet while straddling it backwards the other day, waiting for colour printouts so he could personalize his locker for the new school year.  (I nearly freaked when he told me how many pages he was printing!)

Due to the plastic structure of the bottom, it would have been very difficult to repair. Instead of putting the broken chair in the trash pile last night, he decided he wanted to dissemble it and learn about the hydraulics mechanism.  I suppose we can put a positive spin on this loss as becoming a learning experience

As part of my down-sizing project, I am resisting any new furniture purchases.  Meanwhile, those of us who need to sit at the computer for long periods have the choice to do so on a hard, wooden dining chair with or without a cushion.  Some of us have plenty of built-in support ;-^  Another positive spin would be the opportunity to get up more often to stretch and move around.

There's often a plus side...

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Floods of human emotion

As I watch TV or read about current world events, it seems trivial to blog about my downsizing and de-cluttering project when I see people who have suddenly lost everything they own due to flooding in Pakistan. 

They have lost their homes, livelihoods, farmland and sentimental possessions.  They have even lost family and friends.  I cannot bear to watch the news.  The visuals are disturbing especially those of children needing the basics of life. 

Even with apprehension, wondering if the money, food, shelter and medical aid will reach those who really need it, I have been compelled to donate what I could muster up. 

Sitting in the comfort of my own home - humble as it may seem - I cannot turn away from this huge humanitarian challenge - and opportunity.  In five or ten years, I would want to hear stories from survivors - especially children -  that they were not abandoned by the seemingly "Evil West".  I would want to hear young men and women, educated with compassion and reason speak respectfully about their ability to overcome with the help of their fellow "man". Pakistan donation deadline nears

Friday, September 3, 2010

What are the benefits of racing?

I am not a fan of races, especially those that burn fuel, make excessive noise, contribute to landfill and disrupt our natural environment.  Of course, I understand the need for emergency vehicles to reach those in distress in good time. My life was gratefully saved in one circumstance. 

What is it with our competitive nature, to rush to the end?  What is the thrill? What is the benefit? 

Readers are invited to comment and list benefits of motorized racing.