Thursday, January 30, 2014

Turning it around

Two weekends ago I attended a Feng Shui workshop.

This was the third workshop I had been to in the past two years.  I'm a slow study in this 5000 year-old art and have a curious enjoyment of learning techniques in positioning element objects.

I was looking for ways to improve my sleeping environment and ideas to enhance the energy of the common space I share with three young adults and two cats.  My attempts to provide a Zen like, minimalist layout were unsuccessful considering the space with which we had to work.

I was happy to prepare a farewell to the Year of the Snake, its meandering paths and slippery characters I had endured. 

Last year I brought one of my young adult children since her year was coming to a close; I wanted something to give her ideas, inspiration for the next year - plus to spend some time together.  

This year I brought another offspring since The Year of the Horse is "his year" coming up on January 31st.  He was very patient and polite during the four hour session.  I was impressed that he asked questions while showing respect for this ancient tradition.

During the workshop I took notes on recommended placement of elements and related objects.  I took a mental inventory of objects we already possessed rather than shopping on impulse and investing more money on others.  

One can respect ancient traditions and the resulting advice while remaining practical. 

After the workshop I treated my son to a Works burger dinner.  He remarked on the chart showing auspicious and inauspicious compass directions for energy of the different Guas.  He observed that the directions for our two Guas were opposite. Oh...

I know he is eager to gallop away from our crowded home.  It is difficult for me to let go but I am so happy that he has new opportunities to embrace.  

The powder room now possesses a poster of a mountain as recommended plus a Himalayan salt  lamp and a plant.  I do not know where we are going to fit a bowl of the recommended fresh rock salt and sage.  I wonder if it will replace the candle whose purpose is to burn off residual fumes...  

My precious little writing desk has a new location - not at all related to any Feng Shui recommendations.  It just seemed to work best in this spot and is more accessible after turning the bed around.

It was indeed auspicious that the Feng Shui master recommended turning my bed with the head pointing west to encourage wealth.  I had been considering ways to escape the annoying late night noises coming from the apartment to the east anyway.

Sometimes it's a great feeling to change things around a bit and offload a few objects that don't enhance one's living space.  

I have yet to obtain smooth flat rose quartz to slip under the mattress and encourage a relationship.  I think the two cats occasionally occupying the top of the bed would counter-act any chances of that happening anyway.

The tacky framed print of a mother and babe at the head of my bed does not fit in with the recommended arrangements.  It is a keepsake from the family homestead and fits in with my continuing role as a mother, nurturer and guardian. 

As one of my offspring readies to gallop off, I am happy that the other two will still be close by for a while. One continues to contribute towards rent by creating illustrations for the next edition of the novel.  

Happy New Year and thanks for dropping by.


Sunday, January 5, 2014

Exercising my options

Happy New Year!

Have you written down your New Year's resolutions yet?

I haven't.  Mine are still intentions.  

At this point, I can't even vow to write more often.  That could be a good thing. 

Although I have made some personal plans for 2014, I can't say I have committed to making resolutions.  I know there are a few changes I wish to make but nothing requiring commitment - just action! 

Moving my household and moving my body more often are a couple of the things I would like to see transpire in 2014.   Finances, time and availability could determine success with one but there are no excuses for the other! 

If anything, I can make it a habit to stretch my body every morning before and after serving the cats' breakfast plus move my arms, knees and hips more while performing household chores.  

The kids and the cats may be annoyed at first but they're getting used to my strange new ways. Just imagine what can happen if we add some Salsa and wine! 

A fridge magnet I picked up during a wine country tour this past summer.

Gizmodo offers 5 Tricks for Sticking to Your New Year's Exercise Resolutions.  Except for the Technologize section, they all look like very helpful tricks.  

There are even smart phone apps to help people reach their goals.  I lean to agree with the curmudgeon-y commenters, scoffing at the reliance on technology to commit to good habits and healthy lifestyles. 

I may explore some of the options on my new smart phone - just to see if some of the apps are helpful, you know.  Shortly after purchasing it, I vowed to family and friends not to be a jerk by pulling it out during in-person gatherings, coffee chats or meetings.  

One of my goals for 2014 is to expand my circle of friends and connections, welcoming in those who have interesting experiences and ideas to share, as well as positive outlooks on life.  

I am looking forward to see the past year's meandering activities and unaccomplished goals slither off into distant memories, and the new year to gallop in with opportunities.

However you approach them, I wish you good luck with your 2014 goals, intentions and … resolutions. 

- - - - - -

If you enjoy my writing style and true blonde wit, I invite you to read The Year of the Rabbit.   

Thanks for dropping by.