Monday, February 17, 2014

Awesome family long weekend

Well, it's Family Day and I have this ear worm. 

I have had this "everything is awesome!" tune in my head since going to the cinema to see The Lego Movie with my "kids" on Sunday.

There were many other families in attendance with children young and old.  Considering the loud, adult laughter in the packed theatre, I think that some of the parents were once master builders themselves. 

We are big fans of Lego blocks and the many hours of enjoyment they provided to the children.  I also have memories of stepping on the darn things left scattered around the living room. 

I recall teamwork and concentration after the kids would open a box for a spaceship or train model and painstakingly follow the instructions.  At times, each just wanted to build something alone.  That was okay too. 

Once they had built something "to code", they would eventually tear it down, share pieces and combine with the existing inventory to build their own innovative yet impractical creations.  We never thought of a double decker couch though!

I remember one four year-old lad's insistence on the symmetric use of coloured Lego Duplo blocks when creating airplanes. It became a hit in his kindergarten class, a model soon adopted by others.  

After the film, we went for dinner in a nearby restaurant and spent nearly the entire meal discussing the plot, the missed jokes and our favourite characters. 

One of my favourite characters was Princess Unikitty of Cloud Cuckoo Land where there were no rules and everything was fun.  

That's how play should be.  

If you enjoyed my whimsical recollection, you may also like to  read about an earlier activity from this long weekend involving comic book research and planning for an event. 

Our own Princess Kitty was not pleased with being pulled in to Cats, comics and getting through winter

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