Sunday, February 26, 2012

How would you like to snuggle up

... snuggle up with a good book?

Baby, it's cold outside!  I don't feel like going out into the wind and snow. I feel like my cats and want to just curl up into a warm, furry ball. 

How about you?  Let me pour you a glass of wine and cover your lap with a soft, warm blanket.

May I introduce you to Georgette, a former exotic dancer?  How would you like to become acquainted with her and other characters from my novel, The Year of the Rabbit?

Even better, if you have an ebook reader (or PDF reader on your computer), you can obtain a copy of The Year of the Rabbit for FREE. 

Let's put on a pot of tea.  Snuggle up with Sera Fletcher, Edgar, Father Gio and... Aunt Georgette. They will occupy your heart.  You may need a box of tissues by your side. 

See this page for details on the free coupon copy.  Do visit before Leap Day tho.  

Please note:  This book contains content considered unsuitable for young readers 17 and under, and which may be offensive to some readers of all ages.

 Let me know how you liked reading it. 

Theresa (Flo)

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Can't buy her love

Well, we can't avoid it.  The most heart-breaking and emotionally-charged celebration is sneaking up on us.  Yaaayyyy...

We're constantly bombarded with ads for what's hot, what's new, what happy lovers should look like and what's expected of sweethearts to give.  

For us single, jaded, older gals, it isn't a very welcomed time of year - except for the discounts on chocolate come February 15th.  Can I just curl up and sleep through that dreadful day?

Guys, hold off on the flowers.  Save a rose bush – buy your lover a book. Save a tree – buy an Ebook!   Even better, how about a FREE Ebook?  Sound good?  Better than some shiny bling? Well, you can get a free copy of my 2011 novel, The Year of the Rabbit until the clock strikes midnight on Valentine's Day.  Visit this page and follow the easy instructions.

Thanks for stopping by and not waking the grumpy old puss.  You can just leave that box of chocolates by the door.