Sunday, January 8, 2012

What do Cats Think About?

So… I'm taking a break from some serious reading and mundane domestic matters.  

One of my children asked the other day as we observed the resident felines, "Do you think cats think and know that we know that they are thinking."  Or something along that line… It was early.

My groggy response was, "I don't know."

I won't get too deep into wasting time and pixels on my own research but I suspect that our cats plan and scheme. Snuggles often wanders around the apartment, back and forth between rooms and gives out a pathetic whine until he settles on a place to nap.  We have documented, video proof that Geneva isn't all that bright at times.  That was shortly after I documented her ability to plan.  One could say that I was projecting >^..^<  and creatively distracted. 

Other humans have asked the question if cats think so I'm going to save time by linking to their blog postings here and here.  Whether they are truly scientific, I don't know.  It's fun to read comments from their followers.   Then there are copious books on the subject.   One of my cat writer lady friends partnered with her furry business partner from many years ago on a publication cleverly titled "Mewsings/Musings".

What was interesting that curious morning was that they were just sitting quietly, as if they were waiting... Either that or they were meditating.  I suspect they were waiting for me to leave for my afternoon meeting.  

When I returned home in the early evening and flicked on the light in my room, I noticed some furry lumps on my bed.  

Ah, yes.  The loveable, annoying male had also made himself a nest right near my pillows.  It's kind of cute how he does that.  Good thing I'm not allergic to cat fur.  

Too bad I had to relocate him when I finally prepared myself for bed and curled up for a winter's night sleep.  Since I had forgotten to secure the door shut, he was back in the early hours, prodding me to get up and serve breakfast.  

Mornings could start in a much worse way.  I give my thanks for these >^..^<  small annoyances.

- - - 

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