Friday, January 28, 2011

Pet Peeves and Conciliations

Finally!  A day of rest.  

This week of vacation was peppered with family roller-coaster rides (of the emotional kind), many appointments and meetings.  

The felines of the house >^..^< went for their medical checkups and shots.  >^..^<  I advised the animal hospital staff to keep it to the minimum and no, I can't afford to have their friggin' teeth cleaned. 

They're not even "my" cats (well, who owns a cat, anyway?).  One was adopted from the animal shelter five years ago as a birthday present for one of my own offspring.   The other was gladly received from another family's home (one with loud, overly affectionate children) and as I thought at the time, would be a good companion for cat #1. Cat #1 established her position as Alpha cat.

Cat #2 needs special, expensive food so as to prevent urinary tract problems.  Cat #1 likes eating the food too.  No harm in that for her but that means I have to purchase this food twice as often as needed.  Give the cat another canary, as my dear old Dad used to say...

One consolation through these stre$$ful visits, was the courteous, caring transportation service provided by Ottawa Pet Cab.  Thank you :-)

People should think of these things before getting a new pet (especially one for a child and the parents end up caring for it...)  As I go through our downsizing project, I ponder the costs and benefits of our furry family members.  When we choose a new location, I will likely be tempted to move "pet friendly" from the "nice to have" to "must have" checklist category. I'm soft-hearted, that way.

On the subject of pets - especially in the approaching year of the rabbit next month, please, please resist impulses to purchase a pet bunny.  They require more care than you may think. 

Thanks for reading.  Have a peaceful, caring day.

Women's Alliance Party/Parti Alliance Femmes

WAP/PAF is a grassroots movement with concerns about the future of our country. They want to give everyone the chance to join in the conversation.

WAP/PAF will be having a small inaugural meeting from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm on Wednesday, February 2, 2011 at the Canadian-Chinese Heritage Centre, (the former First United Church), at 397 Kent Street, immediately past Florence St, on the right. The agenda is to inform you about the new party and invite you to share your concerns about the Canada we want.

You will be the first people to find out what it is all about! If you can't make this meeting, there will be others.

For more information, please call 613-232-9202 and they will return your call.
Or you are welcome to write to them at Women's Alliance Party WAP/PAF,
340 Laurier Ave.West, PO Box 308, Stn A, Ottawa, ON  K1N 8V3

Their website won't be launched until the first week in February but please note the URL:

Please share this information widely with others, men and women, whom you think may be interested in standing up for Canada.


Sunday, January 16, 2011

True Blonde Causes

Back in December I started a True Blondes Directory on my web space at the National Capital FreeNet.  

Its purpose is whimsical yet well-intended to list and promote the causes and services of just a few of the intelligent blondes I know and respect.  There are more.  It's just a matter of time and energy in harvesting them.  

I just recently planted the seed.  Let's see what develops :-) Let me know if I forgot you.  Sorry o_O 


Sunday, January 9, 2011

Live right - right now

That's a variation of the catchy Live Right Now campaign slogan for healthy lifestyles by CBC and partner organizations.

Since I don't have a weigh scale in this home, I can't participate in the weight loss goals.  Hey, I figure if my pants still fit, that's a good enough indicator! 

As a parent, I must take care of myself if I want to take care of others.  What I can commit to are the following goals:

1.  Watch less TV
2.  Move more
3.  Eat less
4.  Drink less coffee and pop
5.  Drink more water

That's a good, realistic start.  Let's see how well I have done by March. 

What are your goals?