Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A Blond Nod and Bobble to Lisa Simpson

On Sunday evening, I really enjoyed watching some of the politically incorrect animated television comedies with my teenagers. 

In the season 21 episode "To Surveil with Love", Lisa Simpson is faced with a personal dilemma after she attempts to defend her position in a school debate.  Her opponent used a shady attempt to belittle Lisa's argument and logic because she is... blond.  Whaaa?!

I guess it is acceptable that this subject was given sub-plot value to the civil liberties one.  It was in-didly-deed hilarious to hear tattle tale citizen Ned Flanders state in so many words that "instead of being like Big Brother, I was more like a Little Sister." 

When Lisa's blondness was centered out at a town hall meeting as she expressed concerns over public surveillance, I guffawed as the mayor's blond bimbo girlfriend attempted to provide support - although misguided.  Yes, there are some exceptions to the evolving blond thought theory...

Although I could not agree with Lisa's extreme decision to darken her hair color, I applauded her efforts to defend her position and point out the flaws of the debate judges, the audience (and maybe society) in their own responses to her appearance and assumed intelligence as a brunette.    I laughed aloud when Lisa revealed her blondness underneath the darkened locks and one of the horrified judges gasped "Roots!"

Kudos to the show writers for their creativity and wit.  The Simpsons' official web site:

Please note:  Canadian English spelling of words were substituted by their U.S English cousins, to accommodate our neighbours to the south ;-^  

Go peacefully, openly and ... fair :-) 


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