Saturday, May 29, 2010

Happy to share in a friend's reminiscence

Last weekend, I was happy to join a friend on an afternoon outing.  We visited an artist's studio, observed nature and shared in a lovely meal while getting caught up with each other.  It was a welcome distraction from housework and chores :-)

You can read about it in her article at True North Perspective: 

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  1. Theresa provided the "Treat of the Day" describing the time spent with a writer and an artist in Old Britannia Village.
    A walk around Mud Lake will never be forgotten.
    There are many stories surrounding the streets and homes in the area. A friend bought an abandonned church to build a magnificent wooden yacht. Unger the cartoon artist/writer lived in one of the cottages. Beautiful home restorations and flower gardens everywhere.
    Some of the old cottages are being razed to build million dollar homes on the Ottawa River flood plane.