Sunday, August 25, 2013

Moving on up

I've always enjoyed this tune from an era of pride and hope that blossomed in the 1970s.  

Moving on up!

It's not like we're enjoying a long-overdue respect or a nouveau riche lifestyle and relocating to a deluxe apartment in the sky.  It's more like we are planning to move and that I agreed to tackle my "discomfort with heights". 

That's right.  I don't like high places.  I rarely go out onto our balcony.  When I do, I hold the railing tightly if I look over the sides.   Also, we recently discovered a wasp's nest nearby! 

For our next habitation, one of the young folk convinced me to consider an apartment with a nicer (higher) view in addition to living in a well-managed, affordable and secure building.  Okay, okay!

It has only been two years since the last move yet once again I am reviewing the top 10 tips for downsizing.  I like to plan well in advance, especially when it comes to clearing out the clutter, the things we accumulate throughout our lives.

It's curious and daunting what objects - or animals - make their way into your home, demanding your time, money and space.  

I love planning projects, making task lists and logistical checklists.  I like getting creative with floor plans, taking measurements, cutting out scaled-down, two-dimensional paper shapes of furniture and placing them in various arrangements. The kids thought I was being obsessive last time but it sure helped when we moved into le petit apartement and made everything fit into place.

My evil plan of pushing one or two birds out of the nest last time didn't work. One wasn't quite ready and another ended up moving back in.  So here we are again, still in our cozy, crowded apartment of four humans and two cats.  

Benefits of moving often:
  1. You get to review your collection of people, animals and things;
  2. You can offload extra furniture and kitchen supplies to your grown children for when they move out.  When they move out...;
  3. You discover interesting things at the back of the fridge, cupboard, pantry; 
  4. You finally locate that article of clothing, important document or much-loved book that went missing!
  5. You get to move into a new home with a fresh coat of paint;
  6. You plan ahead for a positive change in your life and a change of scenery. This sure helps one get through a long, dark winter!
It's not like you're losing connection to a community by pulling up roots.  With the positive influences of technology, email and social networking, you can still keep in touch with old neighbours and friends.  Well, maybe not the annoying old bigot next door... 

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  1. A horrifying experience in a hotel fire presented the warning that standard fire fighting ladders have a maximum reach of 10 stories. aloha

  2. Thanks for the advice.

    The fire fighter ladder reach was one of my considerations. Now I know!

  3. A wasp bite could be dangerous. A Wasp Spray with a tube attached to concentrate the chemical will eliminate the problem. aloha

  4. I couldn't bear to use chemicals. I delegated one young person to look after the tangerine sized nest under one of the bistro chairs. He dressed in long sleeves and used my watering can to pour water over the nest. Once it was abandoned, he used a butter knife to scrape it into an empty, large yogurt container. No bites. Problem solved ... for now.