Friday, August 16, 2013

A few pictures to paint a few hundred words

Ah, vacation.

I feel guilty for not posting in this blog for almost a month.  I have been around and have been getting around town this past week during a wonderful vacation break. 

Choosing to stay close to home, I still got out to festivals, Ottawa area parks, to visit with family and friends and to celebrate a milestone birthday.  And there's more to come!

Below are just a few photographs documenting where I have been as I savour these last few weeks of summer weather when the temperatures are bearable.  I haven't gotten much writing done during this time.  I hope these pictures can paint a few hundred words.

Visit my WordPress blog where I have been sharing photographs of a near-obsessive desire to visit as many Ottawa area parks as I can in one week.  I don't think I can do it by myself.  Perhaps you have been attempting it too?

There are so many beautiful places in our city that one can access by foot, bicycle or public transit.  It sometimes helps when you have friends with cars. 

Until next time, enjoy! 


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