Sunday, February 10, 2013

Warming up to Spiritual Traditions

Sunday morning reading

I have been up for hours due to the whining of one hungry feline, a full bladder and the joyous noises of the young family living below.  

I sat in my morning fogginess, sipping my first cup of instant coffee, and read a few blog entries by womanly writing acquaintances. One is sharing tidbits about pancakes, mardi gras and the preparation for Lent.  Another is lamenting the approach of Valentine's day and weighing the benefits of being an older, single woman.  

As a recovering Catholic, I read the former while recalling distant memories of long, boring church services.  One could say that since publishing the novel, I am leaning towards the irreverent.  I don't wait until the start of Lent to share in a pancake feast.  That's almost a bi-weekly tradition in our home.  

Enjoying my singledom, I chuckled at the latter's musings.  Except for the vague "be my valentine" invitation from an eccentric male acquaintance, I don't expect much these days.  It's not that I've given up... it's more like I have become wary of consumerized expectations.  I also have some apprehensions due to how some people interpret love and distort a relationship into one of abusive entitlement rather than gentleness and mutual respect.     

As the jaded fog clears, I acknowledge the new moon, the worldwide and beyond celebrations of the Chinese New Year, the Year of the Snake.  I have a list of things to acquire at the store. I just need a few more tasty treats to enhance the meal and gathering of family and friends in le petit apartement.  

As I leaf through Spiritual Traditions: Essential Teachings to Transform Your Life, I appreciate and respect the similarities of world religions and belief systems.  

I value my journey, exploration and opportunities to share common goals or beliefs with others while respecting those who differ.   

What it comes down to is that anyone can choose to begin the day feeling gratitude, joy and compassion.  

Sometimes, one needs a little boost from a cup of hot coffee.


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  1. There is always a unique moment when the door opens and the future rushes in.
    Your musings are intriguing indeed. aloha