Sunday, February 24, 2013

Family visits, heirlooms and dust collectors

I enjoy cooking meals and maintaining a clutter-free living spaceHouse cleaning though is not one of my favourite  activities.  When the humble abode looks like it could use a once-over and I need incentive to clean, I invite people to dinner. 

I recently hosted a small gathering of family and friends at le petit apartement.  Most of the pre-visit housecleaning was done in a rushed manner.  My helpers had vanished into different rooms, the cats were not helpful at all and I was still recovering my energy level due to a social and networking event the night before.

Regardless, all went well as I quickly rounded up tumbleweeds of cat fur then discretely plowed piles of winter gravel under furniture in the front hall. 

House cleaning is much easier when horizontal surfaces are clutter-free.  Snoozing cats are exempt.  

The ensuing visit from family and friends was enjoyable and boisterous.  In addition to consuming a pot of hearty chili, warm bread, salad and exotic fruit, we imbibed a variety of red and white wines.  The dessert container of profiteroles disappeared in record time, washed down with coffee or tea.

One relative had transported some family heirlooms that had been in safe keeping long since our dear parents had passed away. The "Mother" tea cup and saucer appeal to my sentimentality.  I look forward to using it.  

The swan vases may go to another relative. Otherwise, they'll likely collect dust or may suffer a fracturing fate from a frollicking feline.

My talented sibling gifted me one of her recent wine bottle lantern creations.  If you read this blog back in May 2012, you will recall my visit to her home, sipping wine while exploring a new artistic activity.

I admired this recent lantern creation with the image of the mother pelican and her three offspring. I was delighted when my sister showed me the little battery-powered tea light candle in addition to the traditional kind

What intrigued me was the symbolism, the story of the mother pelican feeding and reviving her young with her own blood. Makes one think about the sacrifice made to ensure children get a new chance at life.  I was deeply touched by this gift.

 Pelican symbolism links:

If you want to see more of these unique and practical  lanterns, visit Vitre-Verte at  

Most of the family potluck contributions were consumed but surprisingly, there was still some wine left-over!  I recorked the white for cooking or a relaxing accompaniment with weekday dinners.  I used the red to marinate a sirloin roast for tonight's dinner.  It was very tasty, served with rice and Bearnaise sauce.  

Thanks for dropping by.  Apologies if I made your mouth water.  Although I do not have edible treats to offer, may I tempt you with some excerpts from The Year of the Rabbit - a novel about Fate, Family and Forgiveness?  See what others have said after reading the book.


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