Saturday, January 26, 2013

Baby it's cold outside

Just weeks ago we were in the middle of the January Thaw and now we're into a deep freeze. 

Is Old Man Winter being a bit of a prick?  Or is Mother Nature experiencing some ups and downs?  As a mature woman, I kind of know how that feels.

If the colder weather holds out for a few more weeks, I can hopefully get my young folk out to one or two Winterlude events.  Alas, the once-loved family tradition doesn't hold as much attraction any more.  

Maybe they would be interested in celebrating Burns Night or Burns Supper in a local pub?   I don't think I have ever tried Haggis and from the description, don't think I will any time soon.   

I am familiar with a few of Robert Burn's poetic worksMost are difficult to understand due to the accent and writing style.  Regardless, I like the idea of a celebration to break up the cold winter months, to get people out to socialize in restaurants and pubs

Since I shy away from loud, drunken crowds, I may just resort to a bit of writing or snuggling up in a warm blanket.  Of course that's after the glamorous domestic duties are done. 


Whatever you choose to do this weekend, may it be pleasant, safe and enjoyable to all.  



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  1. Climate change, it is wreaking havoc with our ski season!