Tuesday, January 8, 2013

When imaginations run wild

As a creative type, I often let my imagination run away with me while I scribble poetic notes, quickly illustrate an idea - or ponder characters, draft stories and consider alternate endings. 


As an avid reader, I enjoy when a story is so well written that I easily experience the sights, sounds and smells while escaping into a book. As an author, I am touched when others comment with their experiences while reading my work. 

As someone who has lived with PTSD and will occasionally experience resurfacing symptoms, I sometimes let my imagination lead me into "what if" situations.  Sometimes I have to coach myself away from dark thoughts and try to remain in cheery, lighted surroundings.  

My "what if" thinking aids me in reviewing and updating processes in my work and volunteer roles.  It helps me identify risks and opportunities in the everyday.  

Thinking, thinking Ladybug drawn by Gigi circa 2000

Recently I have questioned the logic of government departments in how they follow processes and make decisions.  I have asked myself and others valid "WTF! if?" questions while dealing with circumstances and possible outcomes related to"he who shall not be named".

It breaks my heart when I hear one of my children cry, asking "Why? Why is this happening?"  It frustrates me that victims have to take extra steps to ensure their safety when solutions seemed so obvious to decision makers at the time.

This is when one chooses to reach into the coping toolbox, accepts the help of others while resisting the tendency to become hyper-vigilant

While seeking solace and support though, one may agree that it is prudent to continue with some "what if?" thoughts while holding onto a trusted hand and keeping a tight rein on that wandering imagination.


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