Thursday, December 20, 2012

Public Displays of Affliction

Of the many vices in our society and calls for legalization, I find myself leaning more towards supporting legalized marijuana and prostitution.

I may risk the appearance of blowing smoke with my opinions of both.  Please, just hold your breath and consider the following before exhaling with anonymous tirades.  Perhaps this will appeal to shared sensibilities. 

Let's consider the subject of legalized prostitution and red light districts.

What would be the harm if some cities created a Red Light District where the willing can enjoy titillating displays, seek out satisfaction for their sexual urges and fetishes with other consenting adults?  One benefit would be that willing sex trade workers would be assured a safer environment.  Another would be strict health codes and standards. 

I am far from being a prude.  We are human.  We are biological creatures with basic instincts and desires still wired into our complex brain.  Some humans have evolved with higher intelligence, compassion and respect.  Some are discreet in expressing their fetishes, perhaps giving more value and enhancing the pleasures they bring.  

Those of us with a firm, Christian upbringing may remember, "Judge not lest ye be judged".  We cannot deny the fact that these tendencies and attractions exist.  People who want to experience them know where to look.  Some of us just don't want them flaunted in our faces when we tour our neighbourhoods or have to pass by local businesses if we work in the area.  The response of, "Just don't look at it then, you nutter." doesn't fly well with me. 

"Take it inside."

What if parents passing by with their children don't want them to be exposed to images of kink and affliction?   Some claim that the encounter will initiate a healthy conversation between parent and child.  Seriously?  What about some of those billboards we drive by? What about our impressionable youth?  How will their developing brains filter and interpret these images

Call me a prude but aren't some of these displays better suited for a different type of business district?  Decent folk could once again walk city streets, feeling assured their values and sensibilities are not being assaulted by retailers who claim that their window displays are harmless, fun and reflect the standards of the surrounding GLBT neighbourhood. 

Call me naive but if I belonged to a group that struggled for decades to earn recognition, equality and respect from the straight and narrows, I would rather promote creativity, innovation
and yes - brotherly love in my shop windows.

God rest ye merry gentlemen!  Let nothing you dismayEven local strippers are getting in the charitable, cheeky spirit to gather toys for tots this Christmas.  Some folk argue that it doesn't matter HOW the toys are obtained as long as it's for a good cause. 

With all the nonsensical debates going on these days and recent loss of innocence, things could be worse.  There could be more harmful objects and objectifications advertised in our street level retail windows.  Amen.

I admire the brave few who express their concerns and contact the appropriate parties in a professional manner.    Unfortunately, due to the ability for anonymous posts on our wonderful Internet, these vocal few have to endure personal attacks, distorted arguments and character assassinations from anonymous cowards and individuals whipped into a frenzy of support for the offending retailer.

Is it time for sensible citizens stand up, to come forward and educate, illuminate our society?  One may even be tempted to rent a shop window or carry around a soapbox

If that were so, would people stop, look and listen or would they complain that some nutter is assaulting their sensibilities on the street? 

Now you may exhale. 

Naughty me.  I forgot to mention that anonymous comments on my blog are not allowedI do not consent to offensive, harmful behaviour or speech.  


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