Monday, December 3, 2012

SharePoint, SharePint and that Irreverent Pub

At a social gathering after a professional event this past weekend, I visited an Ottawa pub for the first time.  No, this wasn't the first time I visited a pub; it was the first time I had visited a certain one called "Pub Italia".  

I was in shock and awe due to the decor.  It was colourful, eye-catching and slightly irreverent towards the Catholic church, monks and saints. Holy mother of ...! 

Since I was in a pub, I followed cue to order a beer as recommended by the waitress.  I felt intimidated when I saw the hefty Beer Bible.  My distress was calmed by an order of deep fried zucchini sticks which I shared with my ride.  

When I became overwhelmed with the loud chatter and joyful noise, I pulled out my trusty Canon PowerShot and took a few pictures.  One batch was taken on my way back from the ladies room.

The Year of the Rabbit - a novel about Fate, Family and Forgiveness contains many a reference to the Roman Catholic Church.  One of the main characters is an Italian-Canadian priest.  The other is his biological daughter.
 Got your interest? 

The pub visit was an interesting social experience yet a little too noisy for my liking.  Thanks to the guys who offered to buy the first round!

I look forward to more gatherings with SharePoint professionals but in a quieter venue. 

I also look forward to some quiet moments with family and friends over the next few weeks.  You will have to drop by again or subscribe if you want to learn about the next life adventure. 

If you're looking for something interesting to read or a thoughtful gift, drop by the domain for my pretentious novel, The Year of the Rabbit.  Thanks to the flexibility of publishing with Smashwords, I get to let you set the purchase price. 

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