Saturday, October 20, 2012

Vandalism ventures into a gray (or pink) area

I am not a fan of vandalism and I don't think many other people are either.

I am not a fan of graffiti although some can be seen as art forms or social statements. "The words of the prophets are written on the subway walls ... and tenement halls."

While riding the morning bus this week and daydreaming as we waited in traffic, my eye caught an interesting sight.  A billboard for a local rock station had been vandalized.  What was interesting was that the larger than life image of scantily-clad, loose-looking rock and roll chicks had been splattered with pink paint.

Since I happened to have my new camera in my bag of tricks, I took the opportunity to snap a photograph.  

As the bus rolled on, I quietly thanked that vigilante for virtue.  I am far from a prude but I think there are too many public displays of skin and kinkiness invading our communities, assaulting our eyes, ears and psyches. If people want to experience naughty sensations, they know where to look, where to go.  It is troubling that these images are being seen by children or boys who may develop distorted views of what women want. 

Obviously, I am not of the target audience or gender for most of these ads. I wonder if the majority of people who have to encounter these images are in that demographic or appreciate the blatant, visual titillation.

I wonder about the virtue of those skinny, scantily clad ladies - and if a couple of them are natural blondes or... if the chemicals have affected their good judgement.


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