Friday, October 5, 2012

Vacation week 1 and #MoreCatPictures

The first week of vacation is almost wrapping up.  

I had a busy time shopping for shoes, clothes, visiting and dining with friends, meeting up with charming acquaintances plus finding a cute Canon camera - on sale at that!  

There was time for making chicken noodle soup and a big batch of chili.  I love making and sharing comfort foodsDon't worry.  I cooked the heck out of the ground beef. 

I have been puttering, napping and now am looking forward to Thanksgiving weekend - hosting a wee family dinner at le petit apartment.  

I'm relaxed, feeling creative and a bit mischievous.  I have been thinking that the world could use more cat pictures. One of the resident felines may not agree.  

Purr-mit me to distract you with a funny cat video on YouTube from 2009.

Geneva provided inspiration for a feline character in my novel.  She used to be such a ham!  

Permit me to lead you to a blog entry where an established author and avid reader has compared my novel's charm to that of Anne of Green Gables.  Talk about warm, fuzzy feelings! 

I hope to share more photographs on my blogs after I return from week two of vacation. I am excited about that trip to visit family, to which (to where?) I have chosen to fly - something I haven't done for many, many years.

I sure hope my arms don't get tired.

Thanks for dropping in.


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