Sunday, October 7, 2012

Thanks to Photography

I suppose it was a wonderful invention, that digital camera thing.

Technology has advanced exponentially in the past few decades.  Its speed and convenience though should not take away from the reflective moments and leisurely approach when enjoying the good life

The immediacy and convenience of digital photography may tarnish the judgement and scrutiny the artist needs when choosing her subject matter and the resulting number of photographs to spew out at her audience.  

The combination of digital cameras, computers and blogs make it so easy to alter and share pictures. Traditional photographs aren't easy to change or manipulate - unless you are able scan them, add a nostalgic sepia effect and border.

As an amateur photographer, you may find subjects who are willing to pose.  You will find those who are not.

Some hide or play coy.

Plants make easy subjects.  They don't complain or hide.  They also seem to display appreciation after you have re-potted them, fondled their roots, administered fresh soil, vitamins and a little TLC.

Guess what I have been doing this first week of vacation, this holiday weekend, in-between cleaning and preparing for a special family dinner?  

I attribute this particular manic episode of creativity to residual memories of a cuddly dream after watching another video with this beautiful, bright young man.  I like what he says about being affected by a moment within a scene while watching a movie.  You could say the same thing about being touched after reading a passage in a good book. Just imagine the ah-ha moments when one watches scenes of a movie made from that book... One can dream.

This city apartment dweller is kind of sad to not have gotten out for nature walks yet during a much-needed vacation.  I may have missed the opportunity to capture some blazing autumn colours and young buck sightings.  I am sure there will be other interesting subjects and scenes presenting opportunities during week two. 

Happy Thanksgiving, all.  Drop by The Year of the Rabbit blog to see what Flo has been offering. 

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  1. Words like the air are free. The poet turns them into gold. Aloha