Sunday, June 3, 2012

Send in the Ghouls?

I was very disturbed after watching the news a few days ago.  More like shocked, horrified and ... angry.

Hopefully the majority of fellow humans can commiserate. 

According to CTV news, "The appalling details revealed in the media coverage of the Luka Magnotta story have had an unsettling effect on many.

One psychologist said that it's normal for such unpleasant revelations to leave people stunned and outraged."

No sh*t.  I cringe every time mention of this story comes up or the revelation of new, gory details slither into view.

It's something that makes you shake your head and say, "No way.  How can someone do something like that to another human being?  What kind of childhood did this ghoul have?  How can someone do something so cruel - to kittens?!  And seriously... What twisted sicko would want to post videos of these events online?"

This is definitely not something that one would want children or fragile seniors to see.  But how can you shield them from information that is available all over the Internet?  It's a strange new world, adding on to the crimes committed by the likes of Paul Bernardo, Karla Homolka and Jeffery Dahmer.

To add to the disbelief, you discover that there are web sites that cater to hosting these ghoulish videos.  Next you learn that there are people who record their friends' responses while watching these horrifying videos then post them online. What the h3ll is wrong with these people?  What harm are they doing to their psyches and those of our future world leaders? 

What a troubling time we live in, when gruesome information is freely shared using common forms of publishing and Internet technology, bordering on violent obscenity yet being defended under freedom of expression.  

While writing, expressing and offloading in my pen and paper journal yesterday, I surrounded myself with three lit candles:  one beeswax tea lite within the aromatic diffuser; one in the lovely wine bottle lantern; and another white candle of hope.  Call it quirky but this works for me.  It works by being in a place of semi-solitude and calm.  Sometimes, I wish I could be hermit, wrap myself within a safe cocoon and shut off the outside world.  

Yesterday I tried out Skype video calls for my first time.  I shared updates, congratulated recent accomplishments with family members across town and across the Atlantic Ocean.  It was exciting to use this technology to gaze upon smiling faces and send love over the ether.

That is what I want to remember.  That is what I prefer to know people are doing with their time, energy and use of technology.  Sounds naive, doesn't it?  

Now it's Sunday morning and I'm fuelled up from my first cup of coffee and strawberry Eggos while listening to CBC R2's Choral Concert.  

While we cannot deny the dark side of humanity, we can each take a moral stand, working together to dilute that twisted darkness with acts of compassion, respect and good cheer.  

Thank you for reading this far.  Relevant comments are welcome.  

- - - 

I acknowledge there is a violent scene in my novel The Year of the Rabbit.  It was not written to shock or glamorize violence but to demonstrate how within a few seconds of anger and passion, even the most innocent person could be pulled into harming another human being.

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