Saturday, May 12, 2012

Travelling Light

For the third time in a less than a month, I will be travelling and sleeping in a different bed.  

This is not typical of a home body dealing with residual anxieties from PTSD.  It's a gradual process. I'm taking small steps to prepare myself for a future trip across Canada and eventually... parts of the Mediterranean and North Africa. 

The first time was a complimentary two-night stay in a local hotel.  It was a lovely experience, sleeping in a king sized bed with six pillows.  SIX pillows! I was swimming in pillows and stretching my boundaries after the past eleven months of sleeping in a twin bed - at times shared with a cat waiting for breakfast.  The twin bed was a brilliant idea, the result of downsizing from a queen prior to our move last year.  

The hotel was a short walk to the workplace where I arrived early and somewhat refreshed on the following mornings. Let's just say that the second night was more restful than the first.  The stay was good practice with packing a bag, making healthy takeout dinner choices and leaving my young people to tend to their own needs and those of the resident felines. 

The second experience was a two-day trip out of town to visit family.  Of course, I took the train and once again made priorities with my packing list.  The two gift bottles of wine on the way there added a lot of weight.  I brought a different, artistically altered bottle back with me, wrapped with care in bubble paper and cushioned by bags of dirty laundry.  The double bed was perfectly padded for two excellent, cool nights of slumber.  Except for what I think was my stomach's reaction to too much cilantro, it was a lovely visit.  

This next trip will be a little farther away, for professional development purposes and with a slightly longer train ride.  That's okay.  I have a lot of reading to catch up with; one book related to inner journeys and another related to a professional goal

This packing list will be different, including comfortable outfits that look professional; shoes that won't hurt my feet while touring vendor exhibits and networking with people.  What about sandals?  Should I pack a pair in case I want to get outside for a stroll, air out my toes and appreciate that recent pedicure?  Vanity alert

I recall a previous trip and movie with tips offered by George Clooney's character Ryan Bingham, a corporate axeman and business travel author.  His preferred method was by passenger jet.  Hence the movie's title of Up in the Air.  

Besides my gaga appreciation of George Clooney's acting abilities, I liked the title of the fictitious book "What's in Your Backpack?".  It reminds me to reconsider the material and emotional baggage that I let weigh me down.  

Some times there are things, stressors and people that you have to leave behind as you continue your life journey.

Links for packing tips:

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