Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Light Within

I wanted to offer a brief, Sunday morning post.

Since I am not in regular attendance at any place of worship, I thought I would light a candle in my new votive candle holder.  It's a little something I made while visiting a very creative, crafty sister.  She cuts down wine bottles and prepares them for a transformation into art.  

We had a lovely spring visit and plenty of opportunity for catching up while waiting for the stained glass paint to dry and sipping wine.  

My creation was kept simple with what appears to be a scene with blades of grass.  Could they be blades of grass or flickering flames?  What about that red flick?  Is that a flame or drop of blood?

I like candles and the representation of the light within each one of us regardless of religion - and the opportunity to celebrate what we have in common. 

I also like wine. 

Thank you for dropping by.  Remember to explore and dig deeper at where you can find plenty of reference to family, wine and accidental church fires.


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