Sunday, June 24, 2012

Stop over-thinking things!

That's the key message I received after reading "Middle Age" (Art of Living) by Christopher Hamilton.  Too much navel gazing and thinking-thinking can make you depressed!

I had picked up "Middle Age" at a used book store while out on Rideau Street with a friend
last month.  At first, my choice was on a lark as we chuckled at the book's title and the fact that each of us were either in the middle of middle age or starting to feel it.  I have recently been going through changes in different roles and areas of my life.  Although there are many life change books aimed at women, I chose to try reading this one written by a man.  Meh... It was on sale.  It was also thin and compact enough to read on my daily commutes. 

The book was a difficult, slow read at the beginning, enduring this man's lengthy tale about his family, his strange childhood and the impact of the revelation about his real, biological father.  I gradually appreciated and related to his comments about religion, faith, philosophy, family and relationships.

The focus was that he felt the need to re-evaluate who he was after hearing the news about his real father, confirming  suspicions of his mother's dalliances in the early years.  Was he who he was - who he had grown up as?  How or why would one feel any different knowing this news?  Talk about serious navel gazing and philosophical questions! 

I am curious to hear comments from visitors if you at some time wondered about your family and if you had been adopted - or switched at birth?  I used to.  I sometimes wished it.  I would look up at the stars at night while wandering outdoors, avoiding family outbursts and wished I could be taken away by some benevolent alien race.

In my novel "The Year of the Rabbit", twelve year-old Sera Fletcher eventually discovers who is her real, biological father.  Does it change her view on life?  Does she look at Matthew Fletcher in a different light?  Could she forgive him for his neglect since he had learned the shameful, disappointing news himself?  Well... you'll have to read the book. 

So, thank you very much for reading this far.  I am really flattered.  If you'd like a free copy of the Ebook version of
"The Year of the Rabbit", hop on over to this page by July 1st. 

In addition to performing glamorous domestic duties and reviewing my short term and long term goals, I would like to get back to writing in my pen and paper journal. That's where I record the mundane as well as my goals and deep reflections on life.  I will certainly return to this blog on occasion, offering my deep blonde thoughts. I hope you will return to read them :o)


Middle Age (Art of Living)

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