Saturday, July 23, 2011


After hearing about people displaced by forest fires in Northern Ontario, earthquakes, droughts, famine and violent acts occurring in other parts of our mixed-up world, I suppose I shouldn't complain about this past week's heat wave in the Ottawa Valley and most of Ontario.   These bigger events offer stark reminders as I reflect, offer thanks every day for what I have in food, safety and shelter. 

As for the weather, Environment Canada says we're supposed to see some relief soon. To aid in this transition, I invite followers, readers and lurkers to enjoy an excerpt from The Year of the Rabbit's Chapter 1.  This is where Father Gio meets Sera, his newly discovered biological daughter.  Well... imagine his surprise!  

Come experience the refreshing breeze from Georgian Bay and sit under the shade of the "famous" cherry tree
Now excuse me while I primp and prepare for a Summer Social with my writing group this evening.  Once again, I stepped up to the plate and volunteered to coordinate tasks.  At least this year, it won't be raining!  We will enjoy a meal near the water, get to know other members in a relaxed manner and perhaps take a walk through the Arboretum.  That will provide us the opportunity to "shake down" our dinner.  It will also give me a sense of relief and connectivity to like-minded humans and nature after feeling imprisoned in the concrete city all week.   I look forward to hear some light readings, appreciate the shade of trees while accompanied by a trusted guide book

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