Saturday, June 18, 2011

Walking on the Farm

I took an early morning walk around the Central Experimental Farm.  It was wonderful to feel the earth, the grass and soil under my feet. It was a treat compared to the workweek concrete and asphalt of downtown Ottawa.

I found a large patch of trees in a central location.  I stood refreshed by the shade and breeze.  The sound of the rustling leaves blended well with the "swishing" of distant vehicles and at times, nearly drowned out motorized annoyances.  What a perfect spot for quiet reading, creative writing or sketching if you don't mind the occasional company of chattering birds. 

Did you know...?  There are approximately 280,000 farms in Canada today and only 3% of Canadians live on farms?

The location I visited is not as picturesque as the Arboretum yet the refreshing rustling of leaves and welcoming shade reminded me of trees I have known and trees about which I have written

Thanks for joining me on one of my short wanderings.  Perhaps you would like to read an excerpt from my novel - one about trees and the important role they played in The Year of the Rabbit

If you purchase a print on demand copy, you could bring it with you on one of your own nature walks or visits to the beach.  Soon you will be able to read an electronic version of the novel on one of them newfangled smart phones or eBook readers ;o^  

Thank you.  Come again.


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