Saturday, June 11, 2011

How do you like them apples?

In an effort to push more fruits into my diet, I am forcing myself to make more visits to the basket on our dining room table. 

The new rental home is shaping up with less boxes lying around.  I don't like our small kitchen though.  Due to my avoidance of using the new stove and the horrible humidity of this past week, we have been ordering a lot of pizza lately.  At least it's good quality, Colonnade Pizza :o)

As I bite into a Cripps Pink apple, I think about and appreciate the fruit so simple as an apple.  Apples are sturdy, portable, reliable fruit packed with fiber, vitamins and natural sugar.

Last weekend, after I unpacked more boxes from our move and sorted dirty laundry, I managed to sit long enough to enjoy watching The Cider House Rules on TV Ontario.  It's a beautiful, touching story that I discovered had many themes similar to those in my novel, The Year of the Rabbit.  (teen pregnancy, adoption, abortion, apples, love and... breaking rules)

In The Year of the Rabbit, the apple appears many times - mostly as a symbol of innocence and discovery.  It leads Sera through thoughts of life after death then the accidental revelation of her true paternal origin.  There is another scene where its innocent influences cannot prevent Sera from acting on uncontrollable rage.  

So... have I tempted your interest in reading the story?  Visit the YOTR blog for more excerpts and links on where to purchase your copy of the book.

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