Friday, July 1, 2011

Another Public Speaking Event

On Wednesday, June 29th I was able to stand before an audience of 38 people.  Since the majority were those I knew and felt comfortable with,  it wasn't a stressful experience at all.  My voice was loud and clear.  The audience was in the palm of my hand.

I have become quite at ease with this group, relaying announcements about membership benefits, up-coming events and using the new services on our web site.  It helps when you speak about that which you know!

The only snag for this latest occasion was that I had somehow misplaced the printed notes from which I was planning to read.  As a lesson re-learned from a previous event, I had even printed it in a large font.  It just isn't like me to be unprepared for meetings or presentations. 

Winging it, I grabbed a printed copy of my novel, found the passage of intent and read a short, intriguing excerpt to the crowd.  The response was very good.  You can read about the event and a surprise encounter in the Year of the Rabbit blog.

If you're looking for short bursts of blondness, you can also follow my nom de plume on Twitter.  It's a gradual art, learning to express with only 140 characters on your pallet!


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