Saturday, October 2, 2010

On Bullying and invasion of privacy

Thank you to one of my favourite TV blonds, Ellen DeGeneres.  Thank you for speaking out about bullying and the impact it can have on teens.

I was sad and angry to hear the news about Tyler Clementi's suicidal death.  I am sad to hear about how and why he took his life.  I am angry at the low-life who took pleasure in spying on him, invading his privacy then posting a video online.  What scum bags.

This situation could apply to any individual who is member of any age group or sexual orientation.  It is one thing to willingly post your own photographs, videos (and deep thoughts) online.  It is a horrible thing to invade someone's privacy, to expose and mock them in a public forum.  

I will light a candle for Tyler.  I hope the two f*ck-ups who did this will pay for their crime - big time.

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