Saturday, October 2, 2010

October is my second-favourite month

I think that after May, October is one of my favourite months.  The weather is more bearable now that I seem to encounter more hot flashes, beginning my adventures with the big "M".  The trees are beautiful with their colourful displays.  Thanksgiving approaches with celebration of the harvest and time to share a feast with family and friends. 

Then there's Halloween.  It's not the same as it was when I was a kid.  We used to walk all over town in a quest to fill our pillow cases with all kinds of salty and sugary snacks.  We made a decent effort to fashion a costume before daring to knock on someone's door and demanding treats.  

Once we arrived home, there was the fun task of taking inventory, sorting by category or trade value. Yes, our parents and older siblings made sure to check for any questionable looking contents.  Those well-meaning people who prepared popcorn balls and other homemade treats didn't have a chance compared to the hermetically sealed, store-bought ones.  Sad, really...

To eleven year-old Sera (a character in my hopeful novel) Halloween was one of her favourite occasions.  Although Halloween served as an unwelcome bridge between carefree outdoor summer play and chilly days of the approaching winter, this year was exceptionally exciting because Aunt Georgette was still staying with them.  To make things more exciting, she and Marie were sewing a witch's costume for Sera.  Sadly, it was to be the same night that her best friend is spirited away. 

Read an excerpt from the novel here:


  1. I really like the 4-times-per-year season's change and when summer drifts into autumn is one of my more favourite ones.
    I have difficulty with the heat & humidity together - either one is bearable but combined is not. I love the smell of autumn leaves and the flaming orange looks stunning against the backdrop of a bright blue sky. Mostly, though, I'm just grateful to be able to enjoy the metamorphosis. I now await the very first snowflake to come trickling down from a leaden, bone chilling cold sky!

  2. Autumn is awesome.
    Open wide the windows of the car. Slide back the moonroof. Point to the Gatineau Hills. To Champlain Lookout and the stroll along the escarpment. To Wakefield and the Black Sheep Inn for a cool one. Then to the Wakefield Mill for a meal to remember.
    Life does not get better. There is a god.

  3. Wow! What descriptive, refreshing comments! Thank you :-D T