Sunday, June 20, 2010

theoretical physics

Prof. Stephen Hawking will visit the Perimeter Institute in Waterloo, ON, this summer to conduct scientific research and participate in a televised outreach event.

I plan to watch at least one of the events. It will be a good distraction from the mundane.   

Special televised lecture on TVO airs Sunday, June 20 2010 at 8:00PM

I find this stuff incredibly interesting.  I sure hope they have sub-titles or a lay-speak interpreter ;-)


  1. Well, once we got past the speeches by academics, dignitaries and politicians, we finally were able to hear Professor Hawkings' lecture. Considering his physical challenges, it's amazing how with the help of technology he is able to communicate and deliver lectures.

    I find it challenging enough to understand these theories yet more difficult when explained by a monotone, synthesized voice. But hey, I'd like to understand the workings of our universe in addition to our world and our bodies. Apparently, he had to republish his book as "Briefer History of Time" since the millions of people who bought the first one didn't get past the first chapter. I don't feel alone in this challenge ;-)

    This is like my attraction to (and limited understanding of) mathematics. Some call it the basic language of the universe. Thank you Carl Sagan and Ann Druyan for publishing "Contact", one of my favourite books. Thank you Matthew McConaughey for starring in the movie ;-) with Jodi Foster (where I seem to remember her as a dirty blonde...)

    After the TVO "once in a lifetime" event, a rebellious offspring hijacked the remote control to watch politically incorrect animated comedies. Once I got the remote back, we watched the last 3/4 of Quantum Tamers. Now, THAT was interesting and the scientists - although geeky - were entertaining with their attempts to illustrate their theories.

    It was especially interesting to hear their "theories" of a quantum computer and how it might function. I hope I'm retired by that time! It's enough of a challenge to keep up with technology as it is today!

    Off to the day job...

  2. My view of the order of the great subjects of the universe i.e. their order of importance, is art and religion first, then philosophy, and lastly science. I am fascinated by the knowledge and the application of same in the real world.
    Science has disappointed me because of its failure to convince the politicians to do the right thing for humanity.

  3. I spent considerable time studying the work of Stephen Hawking and concluded he purposefully writes to confuse and frustrate the student. I created a large master sheet documenting the hypothesis in the center and various key points, and relationships.
    The apparent logical process and connections and were NOT logical. There were other factors that entered the equation which Hawking did NOT identify.
    He does not prove the case of the hypothesis presented on the basis of the information presented. Hawking fails the test of proving his case.
    Penelope Fitzgerald said " If they don't depend on true evidence, scientists are no better than gossips."
    aloha oe