Sunday, June 6, 2010

Proliferation of Personal Care Products

When you share two bathrooms with three young people, you're going to see an increased variety of toiletries / personal care products.  It's a challenging task, organizing bottles and containers on limited counter space or assigning them to baskets and boxes.  One person has been asked to keep her items in her room.

We use many different kinds of shampoos, conditioners, soaps, deodorants, etc..   Of course, if certain people (a-hem) would just agree to get a hair cut, they wouldn't need all those special conditioners and de-tanglers.  Nice try Mom...

Then there are those sample packs of lotions or shampoos included in magazines or  wrapped in with other products.  I haven't even used some that have been stashed for years.  I assume that they have either degraded or fermented by now. 

In addition to the growing clutter, another concern I have is the safety of ingredients contained in personal care products.  I don't know enough about them.  I can't even pronounce half of the words!   I just participated in David Suzuki Foundation’s very first survey of toxic ingredients in the personal care products used by Canadians.  Two products I pulled from our bathroom had two or three of the ingredients listed as harmful chemicals.  I couldn't even read the tiny text for ingredients on the other three items. 

I encourage family and friends to take ten minutes to do the survey before the end of June and to write to the Health Minister as recommended by the DSF.

The wallet-sized shopper's guide they offer on the site lists a "dirty dozen" chemicals to avoid when shopping for cosmetics. The DSF encourages Canadians to use it to check the ingredient list on personal care products before making a purchase.  That's fine, dandy and handy BUT if only I could read the tiny print on some of those labels!  It's almost as bad as some food products.  That's another story for another day...

Go well...


  1. I find the biggest challenge is taking all that stuff off the counter to clean the bathroom and then putting it all back - it doubles the amount of time required to get the job done!

  2. Hence the baskets and boxes :-]

    I like clear, clean surfaces. In the past, I found clutter to be a deterrent from house cleaning. It was especially annoying when it was someone else's stuff!