Sunday, March 25, 2012

A Favourite Blonde Author Offers Straight and Narrow

New Mystery by Sigrid Macdonald, Straight and Narrow

Several years ago, Sigrid Macdonald published a book called D’Amour Road, which was loosely based around the true-life disappearance of an acquaintance of hers in Ottawa. She has since discontinued that book and rewritten large parts of it. The final outcome is Straight and Narrow, a darkly witty mystery with complex subplots.

Right before her fortieth birthday, Lisa Campana goes missing. Her best friend, Tara, is devastated and bewildered. Has Lisa broken her sobriety or has she gone into hiding because she is afraid to tell her partner, Ryan, that she's pregnant and he may not be the father? Worse, Ryan has a history of battery. Could he have harmed her? Take a roller coaster ride with Tara Richards as she falls headfirst into a comical midlife crisis while dealing with the grave situation of searching for her missing friend.

I was one of the earlier readers of D'Amour Road way back in  2007.  Seems like a long time ago in Internet measurements.  I liked the fact that the National Capital FreeNet was mentioned as a resource during the search for Lisa.  

You can get the Straight and Narrow Kindle edition at Amazon.   

Sigrid is one of my favourite blonde writers - and friends.  Read about her other books and her services at the Copy Editing and Critiques blog

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