Saturday, October 22, 2011

Vacationing and my train of thought

A few weeks ago, I took a much-needed vacation and little trip to a nearby city. I had planned this for months.  

I rode the train there and back.  A couple of relatives joined me for a few days so we could enjoy time together and get caught up with updates on each others' lives.  We even went to see a live theatre performance.  We ate well.  We drank wine and raised our glasses in good cheer.

The train rides were relaxing.  I watched the colourful landscape as it streamed by or I read a book. I also took time to record events, feelings and strings of poetry in a jot journal.  I was able to satisfy a yearning to travel by train and recall fond memories of vacations past.  

Trains are a common occurrence in my novel The Year of the Rabbit.  Trains provide entertainment for children who counted box cars during lazy summer days.  Trains brought people to visit.  They also took people away.

When I returned home to Ottawa and later to work, I was greeted by a pile of email and requests for my attention.  I took a methodical approach in attending to the issues of most importance.  I also took inventory of who or what  I wanted to keep in my "backpack".

I was tickled to learn that people had seen one of my posters about the novel and they wanted to purchase a printed copy of the book.  I was sad to mention that I did not yet have time to produce the second printed edition.  Perhaps some miracle will work its way in to my schedule this fall!

Perhaps also a miracle will occur in repairing or replacing the family Mac which bit the dust about the same time as Steve Jobs passed away.  Strange coincidences…  

My writing urges will have to be satisfied by limited sessions on my son's Macbook Pro or by sitting in quiet reflection and starting on another blank journal.  :o)  But how would you enjoy my deep blonde thoughts if I hibernated away in my solitary pages?  

One thing I made sure of when I returned to the daily grind... I started plans for my spring vacation.  

Thank you for reading this far.  If you like my writing style, you may enjoy reading The Year of the Rabbit, a novel about fate, family and forgiveness.  Sample some excerpts and enjoy feedback from people who read the earlier print version.  I'm pushing the Ebook version with a special discount until October 31, 2011.  No trees were harmed ;o)


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