Sunday, September 4, 2011

Happy New Year

If you have school-age children, you will likely agree that this weekend is the one before a fresh new year.  

Those of us who remember our school days with some fondness will agree that the first week of September is more like a new year than is January 1st. 

I remember the promise of new clothing, new pens, colour pencils and wads and wads of fresh, blank paper!  I recall the surprise of seeing classmates who grew inches taller over the months and crushes who seemed even more attractive and swarthy due to their summer adventures.

Then there were the teachers, lockers, cliques, bullies and getting lost trying to find your classes.   I try to block out memories of the strict Math teachers and fondly remember the inspiring English teachers. Thank you Mr. Tremaine and Mr. Maul.  Thank you for making us sit quietly for ten minutes as you would read a selected passage.  You ignited my curiosity to read more works of fiction and quite possibly, a desire to write some of my own. 

Now-a-days, we're hearing terminology like "the inclusive classroom" where "... teachers will have to consider the many learning styles and needs they may have in the classroom. That means, going beyond the textbook."

Parents not only have to budget for "in" clothes, textbooks, student fees and non-skid running shoes; they also may have to go beyond the calculator or home computer purchase to satisfy the need for a smart phone or tablet

The times they are a-changin'.  

At least my children are older now and most can budget for their own needs.  It will be nice to see them back on a (a-hem -- mother-approved) schedule and moving their bodies a bit more regularly.  Parents of the younger, energetic sort will truly see this as "the most wonderful time of the year". Sorry, I just can't get the modernized, consumerized version of that song out of my head!

This blog post is brought to you with thanks to unions of the past who made this a holiday, Labour Day weekend.  

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