Sunday, August 7, 2011

What's your sign?

I hear that was a pickup line in the 1970s, "What's your sign?".  I suppose it was a good ice breaker that would hopefully lead into a more meaningful conversation or a night of hedonism  with a complete stranger. 

Well, since you were going to ask ;o^  I am a Leo.

I am a Leo according to one Zodiac sign and a Rabbit according to another.  We don't have time to delve into the complexities of my personality type but some may assume that due to the Rabbit and Lion combination, I may be a bit of a passive-aggressive

According to one astrological source, the characteristics for Leo include:
  • Personal magnetism (Really?)
  • Ambitious (Meh...)
  • Strength of purpose
  • Creative (Yes!)
  • Never shy away from the limelight (Really?)
  • Warmth and enthusiasm
  • Eager to see their projects through to completion  (Check!)
  • Generosity of spirit
  • etc.
Leo's element:  Fire

According to an Epoch Times article, Rabbits are:
  • Creative, Compassionate, and Sensitive
  • Sophisticated 
  • Courteous
  • Stylish (Pfft!)
  • Good Communicators
  • Generous
  • On the Timid Side
  • etc.
The 1963 Rabbit's element:  Water  (Ummm, see the Fire reference in Leo above...)

In my novel The Year of the Rabbit, Sera Fletcher is also coincidentally a Leo and a Rabbit. You could venture to say that she is a derivative of her creator. 

You can follow a private discussion between Sera and Father Gio when he manages to invite himself to sit at her personal booth.  First, read this earlier excerpt about the Red Hare Restaurant

August 8th is Sera's birthday.  Mine is a few days later.  Kindly read my ramblings in another blog for a gift suggestion.  

I am delighted that you read this far.   So... do you come here often? ;o)  


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