Sunday, July 25, 2010

Thoughts on Monogamy

I have to give a blonde nod to Cameron Diaz.  In a recent interview, she pretty well summed up my thoughts on monogamy and relationships.  

I would take it even a bit further by establishing one to five year contracts instead of "forever and ever bwhahaha!".  Think of it as a performance review based on established objectives, expectations and accomplishments. 

Honestly, I don't think human animals are wired to withstand a life-long commitment to just one person.  There may be rare exceptions but I wouldn't want to see one person or both people in a relationship "sticking it out" due to social, cultural or religious obligations.  I do not condone promiscuous behaviour either. This view is supported by Georgette, a strong female character in my forthcoming novel.  

There are exceptions where children are involved and need a stable, nurturing home life - especially in their early years.  Staying in a relationship where there is a lack of respect and agreement for counselling can cause mental health issues and occasionally, physical harm.  Been there, done that and almost wrote the book.  

In many cases, there are also financial obstacles where it is nearly impossible for a household to split up and both maintain affordable lifestyles.  

People have to think long and hard before they commit to starting a family.  If they cannot agree to a respectful, amicable separation there will eventually be the need for lawyers - and we all know it's the lawyers who end up getting rich...

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