Friday, January 1, 2010

Time flies

It seems fitting to type a few words about time and our recording devices on this, New Years Day 2010.

Another man-made milestone has passed and nothing in my observance of natural time has really changed. I do have a few calendars to change around the humble abode. What to do with the old ones?

  • Well, the sentimental side of me wants to keep them on file to have a record of family visits, birthdays and appointments. Meh, some of that is already recorded in personal journals or photographs :-) and appointment history is kept by the doctor's offices anyway.

  • The creative side wants to save the artwork for cheap yet colourful rec-room wall coverings. Somehow, Happy Bunny and Farmers Almanac just don't compliment each other. Or do they?

  • The pragmatic side says to discard them - preferably into the recycling bin.

This year, fewer calendars!



  1. Three Cheers and a Tiger to all blondes.
    It is an old and venerable tradition to enjoy the best things in life. Blondes make the world a better place. One recent example is Prime Minister Tymoshenko of the Ukraine.
    She gets my vote.
    Aloha oe

  2. re Prime Minister Tymoshenko
    I would add
    She gets my vote. Another.. and another.. and another. Just looking at her makes my day.