Sunday, December 27, 2009

Emotional Clutter

Before we try to identify and solve the problems with the world, we need to focus within ourselves. A variation of that advice was quoted a couple of times on an OMNI-TV documentary last night called "Searching for Buddha".

As I reclined with a full stomach, sipping nog contentedly in front of our television and watching "Oliver!" I came upon this show while channel surfing to the viewing guide . I commenced watching it and would jump back to the movie during commercials. Talk about the inability to focus on one thing at a time! I think we call that multi-tasking in these days of varied distractions.

As part of my spiritual journey, I have been reading and collecting books on various belief systems. I am not willing to return to the religion assigned to me upon birth nor subscribe to any one line of teaching but am open to learn from words and actions of others who serve as unobtrusive guides. It's indeed a wonderful journey rich with new acquaintances and respected rituals.

Years ago, after being a survivor of domestic violence and dealing with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, I found solace and serenity in the teachings of Buddhism. I also embraced journal writing as an outlet. I really wanted a life of simplicity and calm after escaping with my children from a home cluttered with material things, disordered behavior and frequent, angry tirades.

It has been six years and although we have accomplished simplicity and calm after moving to a brighter, happier home, I feel like we have once again accumulated too many material burdens.

My de-cluttering project will mainly address the material possessions. I am still addressing emotional clutter from our previous life. Since then, I have met many women and men who have gone through or who are still experiencing similar domestic discord that I had to live through. The best I can tell them is to seek communication, counselling and if that doesn't work, to ... escape to some safe haven if that is possible.


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