Sunday, June 29, 2014

How to reduce the size of your inbox

Canada's Anti-Spam Legislation is coming into effect July 1, 2014.

That means organizations will have to comply with rules for sending commercial electronic messages (CEM). It doesn't mean spammers will. 

This has been in the news for a while on how it will affect legitimate small businesses.
If you have an existing email list, you will want to read the CASL FAQs

Listen to Steve Dotto's advice on how to get double opt-in from your current email subscribers.

According to one source, there may be a three-year grace period.

Even the smarter than average bear could become confused by the information out there

Although it has good intentions, the introduction of this legislation provides an opportunity for spammers and other morally corrupt individuals to spread uncertainty, to get people to click on links, give away their email addresses or even worse - passwords.

You likely receive newsletters from various organizations and interest groups. You may have noticed messages requesting permission to keep you on their mailing lists. You may also receive vague messages that look like requests for consent but may actually be phishing attempts.

If I am not certain that the consent request is valid and will lead me to a trusted site, I would not respond to a message or follow any links.  I would go directly to the company's web site in my browser to locate the subscribe option and create a new subscription then let the other one expire, valid or not. 

My blonde logic is that if I can't remember subscribing in the first place, why put my computer at risk by following links and unknowingly giving personal information to criminals?  If our past relationship is not well-explained, I will likely delete the message or file it away.

We may attempt to clear the material clutter from our lives but what about all the electronic clutter? 

  • Not sure how to identify legitimate messages?  Take the Spam Quiz
  • Want to know when I post new entries here or on the blog for my novel, The Year of the Rabbit?  Look for the "Follow by Email" box on the right of each blog's web page. Google forces you to sign up with your Gmail address. Kinda dumb and limited...
  • You can do the same for my other blog where the Tabby Cat RulesWordPress isn't picky about what email address you use; you will receive a message to complete the subscription process. 

By providing an email address and clicking the subsequent message links, you will be opting in according to the blog platform's subscription conditions. 

Thanks for dropping by.  I wish you safe computing and a Happy Canada Day!


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  1. Status update June 30, 2014: I replaced the subscribe by email gadget on DBT and YOTR blogs. Seems to work now for people subscribing with any email address, typing in the catcha code then confirming via email link.