Saturday, May 24, 2014

Farewell to costly illusions

It was one month ago that I decided to end an unhealthy relationship.

Sure, it provided me with company throughout the long winter months, adding a flicker and glow of comedic relief after dinner and many a long day in the working world.  

Problem was that this relationship became stale, intrusive - and costly. I needed a change in lifestyle.  I wanted to discard some unhealthy habits - and cut expenses.  I was starting to feel like one of my furry, floppy roommates.

On April 23rd, I gave the 30-day notice to cancel our cable TV service.  Apparently, I am not alone:

In my new phase of life, I want to explore new interests and embrace new passions. I still want relationships that provide joy and laughter but more so through social gatherings, live theatre and the lost art of story telling.  How about you?

We still use our huge-ass television set to watch movies via Netflix, DVDs and yes, even our cherished old VHS tapes. 

Last night, one of the young folk and I watched our copy of The Truman Show. It had been a while since we last viewed this family favourite during one of our regular movie nights.  

It's a very interesting story with Jim Carrey portraying a character who starts to question his life, what is real and what is fabricated.  Some of us need to do that on a regular basis.   

Philosophy links regarding The Truman Show:

I've often advised my children to ask questions, to resist virtual distractions and encouraged them to read Sophie's World, A Novel About the History of Philosophy by Jostein Gaarder [a review].  One of them even helped me with an illustration for a wee web project many years ago.

Some of us need frequent reminders to jog our curiosity, to challenge our perception of what is real, what really matters in our life and in our varied relationships.  

In most areas of our lives, we have the freedom to choose.  We are each the star of our own TV show, each the author of our own life story. How will it end? 
I think it's healthy to ask questions, to challenge the status quo and leave one's comfort zone once in awhile.  We may just realize that we have been conveniently led back into the cave of illusions and shadows.  

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