Sunday, March 23, 2014

My memory is fine thank you

Technology is making things easier in some ways and more complex in others.  

Call me grumpy with a twist of humour.  If you use a variety of social networking platforms, you may appreciate my lyrical impression of some, based on the tune from Sesame Street's "One of these things":

Two of these things are not like the others.
Two of these things are not the same.
Two of these social networking platforms make annoying assumptions -
And for that their owners should be ashamed. 

 Put on your grownup glasses and have a look:

Do you know the answers?  Do you know why I find them  annoying?  

No matter what I have selected during previous sessions, some platforms keep making the same assumptions that I want them to remember my password and/or to remain logged in.

Goodreads and Meetup are two of the platforms I find annoying in that they keep forcing this option.  Call me a grumpy IT person but I think it is not good practice to check  default options for end users.  Let the user explicitly make those decisions. 

Don't get me started about the practice used by third party software updates like Adobe Flash Player, Adobe Reader and Google Chrome! Oh... there I went.

It is recommended that you log out from social networking platforms when done else some of them will track your subsequent online activities.  

It comes down to personal responsibility and education if you want to ensure your online security.  

You may choose to download and/or purchase browser add-ons to help guard your privacy.  

Good gravy, Batman!  No wonder they call it the World Wild Web! 

In the 25 years that it has been around, we have seen  startups stall, bubbles burst and creepy criminals take advantage of others online.  

There are still not enough funny cat pictures...

Despite my ripening age, I have a memory like a steel trap and can recall most of my passwords.  I don't want them saved on my computer or entrusted with some third party password remembering app, thank you very much!  I may even resort to good ole pen and paper to write them down and store in a secure location.

Don't let me rant about apps for iPads and other tablets.  If you let the apps remember your login info, you better make sure you have a screen lock passcode in case you misplace the darn thing!  Oh... there I went again.

I also don't trust my browsers to remember web site passwords. No more cookies please.  I'm trying to cut back. 

Besides, most of the platforms have an option to send you a helpful email if you forget your password.  Now... do you remember which email address you signed up with?

If that didn't spook you, here's a picture of a black cat.

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That's if you remember how to log in...



  1. I like the way you challenge the conventional ideas. Coffee must be the energizer. Or is wine the secret elixir? aloha

  2. What I also hate is how Facebook keeps changing the interface. Logging out requires being able to remember which tiny, faint symbol at the top leads to a drop-down menu that allows you to leave!

  3. Now I remember the unpleasant things I forgot about these websites when I was off the computer for almost a year.
    Good info!

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