Sunday, December 15, 2013

Let's have coffee sometime

Do you find yourself saying that to old colleagues or acquaintances as you rush by each other in a crowd?

I do.   

Let's have coffee sometime - or tea, or a fruit smoothie if that's what you like.  

Let's get together for an hour in real space instead of using any of those online social networks and related gadgetry.  Just remember that I rely on my feet or the city buses to get places, eh?

If the short hand has gone past 6, then let's chat over a glass of wine. That's 6:00 p.m. for those who grew up with digital clocks.

Let's meet in a quaint, quiet cafe or wine bar.  Sorry, I can't carry on a conversation in a sports bar or night club.  I'm worried that a handsome man might ask me to dance.  I'm still trying to get my groove back.  

Tell me what's happening in your life, your family, work and other interests.   

What creative projects have your attention these days?  Sigh… Unless that's one of your kids, could you please put your smart phone away? 

Are you working on any challenging projects?  

Have you taken any interesting trips lately? Okay, show me some of the pictures you took with your smart phone.  

What are you writing these days? 

How are you helping make life a little more bearable, enjoyable for your world, your community, family, friends or a significant other?   

Oh, sorry to hear you broke up with her.  

Let's do this again sometime.



  1. Great suggestion. Would you consider Wong Ton Soup. You choose the restaurant. aloha

    1. Aloha to you too. I would enjoy seeing you again, for won ton (wonton) soup and a lunch chat. I'll send you a mail message for plans the weekend of March 8th.