Monday, May 20, 2013

Celebrating Dandelions

Fields of yellow, green and blue.   

Dandelions. Who doesn't love them?

Okay.  Okay.  The perfectionist groundskeepers and landscapers don't love them. They are always looking for ways to get rid of them or prevent them altogether.

There are people who celebrate the yellow weed on an annual basis.  The Dandelion Festival is this coming weekend.  It promises to be a "2-day celebration of art, music, food and fun for the whole family!

If transportation accommodations work out, I hope to get in a short road trip with family and friends. 

During last weekend's train trip to Toronto, I caught some beautiful shots of dandelion fields.  I thought about one of my favourite summertime books by Ray Bradbury, "Dandelion Wine". 

Early this morning, as I was making laundry trips up and down the back stairs I spotted a furry brown fella in our backyard.  He was nibbling on dandelions.
Follow the rabbit. 

  Follow the rabbit. 

Caught you!  

Permit me to segue to my novel, "The Year of the Rabbit".  

Alas, the only rabbit spotted in the story was within a native boy's dream.  Otherwise, it's just a novel about Fate, Family and Forgiveness. The main characters are a priest, a little girl and a retired exotic dancer.  

Follow this link to nibble on some short excerpts.  I hope you will like them. 

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  1. Unfortunately, I'm one of those groundskeepers. Dandelions are great if they're in someone else's yard. Otherwise, I'm yanking them out. :p

  2. You gotta dig deep to get at the roots.

    Well, I went to the Dandelion Festival this weekend and can say I have been there, done that and got the T-Shirt. Sadly, there was no dandelion wine to take home.

  3. A field of brilliantly coloured yellow dandelions, as far as the eye can see, with a spectacular blue sky and billowing white clouds in the background, is a treasure to behold. aloha