Sunday, April 14, 2013

Can you ever have too many garbanzo beans?

Over the past dozen years, I have been making healthier lifestyle and menu choices.  

I have been successful with avoiding collections of "stuff" that I don't need or don't have space to store.  I avoid noisy events and unhealthy, controlling relationships  

A recent attempt at a relaxing meditation session did not prove successful.  Oh, well... Two steps forward and one step back.  Believe it or not, I am also looking for more ways to move my body - without becoming sweatier than usual or severely hurting myself. Salsa, anyone?

Aside from a monthly allowance of bacon and potato chips (yum!), I also try to watch what I eat.

My latest attempt at healthy menu options was cooking an entire package of Ferma brand dried chickpeas - and ending up with A LOT of chickpeas.  Garbanzo Beans Galore! 

That's okay.  Did you know you can pack the beans and refridgerate them for three days? You can add them to rice dishes and salads. Did you also know that you can pack and freeze them for later use? 

A resident young person offered to make chickpea curry one day this week.  Yum again! 

So, what are the benefits of eating chickpeas?  According to the following links, they are high in protein and fibre, plus they help control hunger if you eat them as snacks (instead of those potato chips).  They will also help ladies of a certain stage in life control hot flashes.  Well, we will see about that.  Get back to me in a few months...

Benefits of garbanzo beans:

This still has me wondering though... Are there any recipes that include bacon? 

Thanks for dropping by.  You are welcome to comment or select one of the reaction check-boxes.   Although I cannot offer you an extra portion of chickpeas through this blog, I can treat you to some excerpts from The Year of the Rabbit - a novel about Fate, Family and Forgiveness.  See what others have shared after reading the book. 

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