Sunday, November 11, 2012

De-stress with pets

I am a strong believer in the health benefits of having pets.  

When choosing a pet, I think it is important to consider the possible impact on one's income, food resources - and the planet.  

Our special boy needs special food to prevent complications with his plumbing.  He and miss boss kitty have their checkups at least once a year.  That's about all I'm willing to dish out.  

I feel for the pets stranded due to the storms in the east coast of the USA and the stress it is causing their displaced humans

Provided there is enough food, water and litter space, you can leave cats alone in the apartment for a couple of days without worrying about them getting into the garbage, pooping on the floor or taking over your bedroom.  Until... 

Mental Health benefits:
Impact of pets on the planet:
I don't think cats have as much impact on the environment as dogs.  They likely have more impact than birds - but are not as noisy.  I'd feel bad about keeping something in a cage anyway. 

Cats provide companionship, comfort and soon become members of your family.  They also provide opportunities for impromptu entertainment and creativity.

They also provide distractions and practice when you have just purchased a new cameraPurr-mit me to lure you to recent blog posts about photogenic cats and deep blonde ponderings on what do cats think about.   What's another five minutes of your busy, busy day? 

Snuggles isn't sure about that Tree of Life print.  Perhaps he thinks I am taunting him with those birdsWho knows if he can even see two dimensional figures anyway.   You can read more about my cherished tree-themed print in this other blog post

Thanks for dropping by.  

Excuse me so I can perform a daily meditation, guilt-free thanks to a pricey but flushable cat litter.   

Be sure to visit the domain for my bittersweet novel about fate, family and forgiveness.  One of the characters is a cat. 



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  1. On the weekend we watched a W5 special about a program that helps soldiers with PTSD. Noble and kind.

    Geneva is indifferent. You'd never get her out to a mall or busy street.

    Dogs seem more willing and can better function in these environments, to provide comfort for their humans living with PTSD.