Saturday, August 25, 2012

Role models, reading and libraries

Is it too late to have found a role model?

Approaching my delayed maturity, I think I have found a role model.  I have only just recently discovered her existence and her 1981 book "Social Studies".  

I just love the acerbic wit of 60-something Fran Lebowitz as interviewed and allowed to opinionate throughout Public Speaking with Martin Scorsese. (Yes, I fused a noun and an adjective to create a verb.  That's creative license for ya.)

How does one get that kind of gig, with writing a couple of best-sellers in the 1970s and 80s then make a living talking about reading and how one hasn't written anything for decades?  Can one do that after publishing a wonderful, bittersweet novel (that is yet to be discovered by thousands of readers) and blog one's tongue-in-cheek social commentary about once a month?  


Fran Lebowitz certainly has opinions about many things including libraries, authors and their talent (or lack of).  I share her respect for libraries and books.  I am though, almost afraid to ask if she would like to read my yet to be discovered novel

Quote mash:
To lose yourself in a book,
as a child the library was the world,
a book is supposed to take you away,
it is supposed to be a door, not a mirror.

To close with the role model reference, I think Florence T. Lyon would make a good Canadian version of Fran Lebowitz. She would be polite, a little shyer, a little more tongue-in-cheek than acerbic, and on the socially acceptable side... she doesn't smoke. To offset the latter, she would be willing to consume wine on a daily basis.  That's to help with the shyness.

All she needs now is a good agent. 


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