Saturday, April 16, 2011

Planting a seed at the crossroads

Last night I enjoyed another quality lecture hosted by New Acropolis Ottawa

This one was titled "Confucius, A Leader in Times of Chaos". A snippet from the event page: "Confucianism is interested in developing a social order based upon the cultivation of the individual. It seeks political harmony by trying to achieve a perfect moral harmony in man himself."  

The lecturer stated that although the word "man" is used throughout the verses, the wisdom applies also to women and to all humankind.  I recall years ago while working in a library, I sorted, shelved and borrowed many books - including those on Confucianism.  Some of the wisdom stayed with me; some of it escaped my pretty blonde head - pushed out by growing demands of daily life, working full time and raising a family. 

Isn't that typical of many noble interests we have at some time in our lives?  I can observe that it is easy to become distracted by consumerism, fashion, gadgetry, competition and... survival.  Every once in a while, we are presented with an event that makes us think about what is REALLY important in our lives.  As we get older and wiser we finally accept that not all things can go as we have carefully laid out.  Life is what happens when you're making plans.  Family takes priority - even when you're writing about Fate, Family and Forgiveness

Writing this book over the past four years has provided me with good therapy.  I have met and learned from knowledgeable people.  I even made some great new friends

So here I am planting the seed for this bittersweet story and giving it a little boost before I focus on a few life changes. 

Empty boxes, anyone?

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