Sunday, February 13, 2011

Blonde Philosophy 101

On Monday evening, I completed the introductory cycle of New Acropolis' Active Philosophy Workshops.  I feel enlightened as I walk the path on my constant (yet often interrupted) quest for wisdom.  Many thanks to the instructors for their patience in answering my frequent questions. 

According to an UTNE Reader article, Philosophy classes are conspicuously absent from (US) secondary schools' curricula.  The author of a related article "...argues that a philosophical foundation is an essential tool for discerning and skeptical students and citizens." 

I recommend the New Acropolis introductory classes to anyone who wants to share in "...reflections and philosophical dialog in order to face today's world challenges and contribute with actions to a new and better world." 

There's something to be said about meeting in person, about "being there" and discussing with others over reading a book.

Know thyself and don't stop asking questions!


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