Saturday, March 27, 2010

My Closet, My Self

Deep Blonde Thoughts on the Fashion Industry

I will admit that I cannot provide an authoritative opinion on the fashion industry since I am likely not one of its frequent investors. People may know me for my practical fashion sense. I dress for comfort. I shop for ease-of-care. I will visit thrift shops yet I will spend extra for new, petite sized pants if I don't have to hem them!

Anyone who has seen or read "The Devil Wears Prada" can agree on the apparent absurdity, flightiness and wastefulness of the fashion industry. Any middle-aged mother who shares my "physique" will agree on the unlikeliness that one of us would consider wearing any of the ridiculous outfits being strutted on the catwalk by hungry human clothes hangers.

To begin my de-cluttering project, I must start with my closet and my own bedroom. You can't change or improve the world without first taking a look inside yourself, your habits and tastes.

Without pulling readers too deeply into my OCD tendencies for organizing my closet, I will make brief posts over the next few weeks about progress with spring wardrobe preparations and down-sizing my entire closet, dresser drawers and my room.

Come back often :-) I welcome helpful comments and tips. Below are some links I gathered during a brief search on the topic of Fashion.


  1. "There's nothing like a dame." and all the beautiful images provided in the Frank Sinatra rendition.
    Beauty makes the world go round.. and round.

  2. Almost everything I wear these days comes from MEC - we are strict utilitarians!

  3. Thanks for the link, Adam. I had a look at the women's clothing section. I like some of the tops. Those $22 briefs better be magical. I chuckled at the caption for the Morning Glory dress: "An ultra-comfy, mobility friendly little frock, made of quick-drying, wicking fabric. Excellent for travel, or blind dates that might require exiting via the bathroom window."

  4. South Pacific island style is to wear nothing but sunshine.
    The perfect natural source of Vitamin D.
    aloha and ohana

  5. Well, John Blue Eyes Canada... that philosophy may not be realistic in the Ottawa Valley until about... June? :-)

    Anyway, one of my remaining email subscriptions has paid off with this notification of an upcoming event:

    Sick of Your Wardrobe? Make a Swap April 2nd

    What a great idea although I would be at risk of picking up more clothes - and defeating the purpose of downsizing my own closet...

  6. The greater the RISK
    the greater the REWARD.

  7. Over the weekend, I managed to purge my closet of clothes that no longer fit :-( or that I hadn't worn for the past three years or.. that I questioned my reasons for acquiring.

    First, I offered the nicest selection to friends who were visiting for Sunday dinner.

    Next day, I packed them into a bag, planning for a bulk hand-off with one of the local charities that does pickups.

    Before that though I want to encourage my young cohabitants to have a look at their closets :-)